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The Apartment by neverdying

There are pieces that are instantly visually arresting, through composition or color scheme. This is one of them. I didn't browse past ...


Sorry for the nearly 3 week hiatus...I've been hauling bum lately. I'm also in the midst of what I have the sinking feeling is an ill-fated project to make a Victorian over-bustle for a dress. I will indeed be moving the first of August so I will be on here in spotty bursts, but am still working on more female Victorian/Renaissance/Steampunk shots...they just only may be uploaded in August if I get busy. Over the 4th of July I was able to get some real American fortresses and just hold tight guys :)
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*Continue for Terms of Use for my stock*
About me: I am in my mid-twenties and sit to pee. My profession is not Photography FYI, but related. Therefore, I don't have great photography equipment, but will be upgrading.

But most of the stock I post CC Att 3.0--free--anyway is stock that wouldn't be accepted on Dreamstime or needs work in some way, whether you only use pieces or remove extensive color fringing. The ready-made excellent stuff I don't post.

So sorry for the quality.

*Continue for Terms of Use for my stock*

Hi, welcome to Graphic Pineapple Stock, or as I had to name it, GraphicPAStock! This stock resource was established to help fellow aspiring book cover artists, and by someone frustrated by having to pay big $$$ for stock images to even practice my skills on. I was also sick of seeing, like, no stock of dudes of any note. DevArt is a total estrogen fest. Come on, guys, where are ya? So it’s just me here, with my piece of crap camera.
Wish I had a real one but take it for what it is.
Things you don’t normally see on DevArt that you will see here:

Dynamic (if not well-lighted or shot by a professional camera) poses
Males that aren’t wearing ridiculous wizard’s hats
A lot of Creative Commons photos of real castles/forts, flowers/plants with plain backgrounds, monuments/architectural details, shots from America, Canada, and Europe, furniture, a ton of odd antiques, romantic memes, etc.
Things I like (which you will probably also see here):
Sci-Fi/Doctor Who
Hunger Games
Gothicky/Paranormal stuff
Raygun Gothic
Donations (lol hoping? 0_0)


Well here it is, I have to do this. Thar be monsters out there, and all, y’know. My terms really are quite generous, so don’t fear.
‘My’, ‘me’, ‘mine’, and ‘I’ in these terms of use refer to the Deviantart account holder of GraphicPAStock.

'My images' means content the account holder has uploaded to GraphicPAStock.

‘Live model(s)’ or ‘model(s)’ refer to humans, in whole or in part, who are featured in my stock on GraphicPAStock.

*Additional Terms of Use for Creative Commons Stock Attribution 3.0 Unported and Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 3.0 are located at the bottom of the article. Note that Terms of Use for All Stock applies to Creative Commons Stock of any licence as well.*

Terms of Use for All Stock (This applies to all stock featured on GraphicPAStock, both Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 and Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0, Exclusive Stock, and otherwise):

You must credit me as something like "original photo by GraphicPAStock" or something like it. If in DA you must link back to my page or the image. If using three or more pieces of my stock in one image, you can just go something like "jar, bag, and model stock by GraphicPAStock (link to my page)" I also love to see your work, so you can drop a comment, but as of right now I'm not requiring it.

You are free to alter, crop, distort, or otherwise change my work to suit your product, as long as it is within ways that do not violate these terms of use presented here. You can paste my models’ faces onto other bodies, Liquify, adjust brightness/contrast...add unicorns flying through the air….I don’t care.

You ARE free to always always always sell DA prints of manipulations/compositions/sketches from my work as reference. Still credit me, however small and even if it's in the "bleed" or framing area of your printed work.

You are NOT to put my stock or parts of my stock on stock sites such as but not limited to Alamy, Stock Exchange, Getty, IStockfoto, fotalia, or Dreamstime. While I try to put stock on DA that needs fixing in some way or would probably be rejected by such sites, if I release an especially good stock I do check these sites. Just because I have a stock listed as Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Commercial and you put a filter on it and used high pass does not make it your original work. If it looks enough like stock still to sell on these sites then you are clearly not using my work as it was intended, to make art and composite manipulations. And for this, I will tell you right now, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN WITH A DMCA COMPLAINT AND WORSE.

You can NOT make stock out of my own stock. See above.

You can NOT claim my original stock, as downloadable here on this account, as your own. I shot these.

You can NOT redistribute my stock “as is”—that is to say, my work exactly as downloaded on GraphicPAStock. If you know someone who would want the raw original stock found here, direct him or her to this account.

Here’s a tough one. You can NOT use my stock or work, free or not, for projects concerning/about religion (light mythology like angels, Nephilim, ancient Greek stories, etc are okay as long as they don't violate my other Terms of Use), race, women’s rights, gun rights, animal rights, human rights, politics, or projects concerning disease. There are sadly just too many people these days who subvert the above for their own devices, and I’m not taking any chances. If you still think I might be interested in a project that sounds like it would violate my terms of use, please get in touch personally with me.

PLEASE NO drawings of anthro/furry images with my work as a base as of May 29 2012. They are too easily sexualized or taken the wrong way. You CAN do manips, though, so long as it doesn't violate my other terms of use (so centaurs, mermaids, and werewolves--go for it)!!! It just seems like a lot of the anime furry movement is realllllly something I don't want a part of.

You can NOT use my images/work that features live models in a way that features or implies overt sexual activity. For instance…shirtless male model manipulated to have wings? Okay. Clothed and holding hands/embracing another clothed person? Okay.

A not-so-tough one. Just to tell you…my first model is a minor. You can NOT use any of my work that features a live model for projects, in devianArt or outside of deviantArt, containing or able to be categorized as pornography or erotica or that features pornography or erotica as a significant subject or theme. For instance, you can NOT use any of my stock featuring live model(s) for a book cover to a book that is able, on the whole, to be categorized as erotica or erotic fiction. On the other hand, for instance, using my images for a book cover to a book that would/will be considered any other category (except religious fiction too, remember) is OKAY, as long as the book jacket does not contain any images or scenarios that violate my terms of use. For instance, a book about a guy visiting his old hippie aunt in Oregon is OKAY, even if it features the aunt and her wife engaging in consensual sex or other characters smoking marijuana. The sex or illegal substances just cannot be featured on the book cover if my models are featured on the book cover. Got it?

You can NOT sell stock found on GraphicPAStock for the purpose of pornography or sexual purposes.

You can NOT alter my images to suggest that my model was photographed engaging in an activity illegal under U.S., Canadian, or German law. No joints, needles, etc. please… The exception to this would be slight artistic license given to images containing artistic or fantastic violence (except rape). So if you're manip contains 20s gangsters shooting someone or zombies on a bloody rampage or a double agent, I'm completely fine with that as long as it doesn't flagrantly violate my other Terms of Use.

You can NOT use any of my work for purposes illegal under U.S., Canadian, or German law. For instance, don’t turn my stock into album compilations for you to slap up on Isohunt.

Although you are free to alter, crop, distort, or otherwise change my stock to suit your product, you can NOT do so in a way that violates any of the terms of use that I have listed here or that violates U.S., Canadian, or German law. That includes cutting and pasting genitalia or buttock clefts on my models, or superimposing my models’ faces over those of nude models, or putting Graphic PAStock images within works containing images of exposed genitalia, or using my images within/pasted onto any images that violate my terms of use. Again, to use my stock in your product or image, your final product or image must not contain any elements that violate my terms of use.

Additional Terms of Use for Free (Creative Commons) Stock as found in my Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Live Model Folder and other folders/images marked as CC 3.0 Attribution Commercial:
Stock photos and art classified as Free (Creative Commons) Stock can be used for free and royalty free, personally or commercially, on deviantArt or out there in the real world for such products as magazines, book covers, album covers, event posters, screensavers, and more, as long as their purpose does not violate the Terms of Use for All Stock as seen above. Free Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Stock on GraphicPAStock is free to you on several conditions. The first is that I'm credited!!! For projects made for use within devianArt you can credit me as GraphicPAStock. For commercial projects or projects outside devianArt you can credit me with something like “Original photo by GraphicPAStock” OR contact me for my full name; you MUST contact me for my full name and use my legal name if the product will be published/displayed/made into more than a 500 copy run or used on a pay web site. All commercial projects used with Free (Creative Commons) Stock must also NOTIFY me, even if it's just a posted link posted in my comments. Contact me if you are unsure about any of these terms.

Terms of Use for my Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike Live model folder images:
These are licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike license. The Terms of Use for these are the same as my Terms of Use for "All Stock" plus the fact that I ask you to keep these images reserved for projects made for/on deviantArt, don't profit from them except for prints, and share alike.

Again, ALL of my license require attribution unless we've worked out a deal. if you cannot credit me, either don’t use my stock, or contact me to pay for it!!! I am setting up payment capabilities.

Final Disclaimer: Neither I nor my models personally endorse any product, ideal, or idea represented by someone who has used GraphicPAStock images for their own purpose.

Still unsure? Don’t use it, or contact me!


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I'd like to use your stock for pose references, and some of those pics might be offered as prints. You can see the kind of work I do in my gallery. Is this okay? I would, of course, credit you as you requested, but wanted to check about future prints.

Thank you, and thanks for offering such lovely stock!
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